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Derby Schedule

2022 Derby Schedule

Unfortunately, due to the ongoing status of the COVID-19 pandemic, there are limited fishing derbies scheduled in Washington State. You can refer to the Department of Fish and Wildlife website here to see what derbies are scheduled for this year. We will check often and post new derbies to the schedule as soon as they are available.

U.S. Dept's of Fish and Wildlife

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Common Breeds of Salmon

Chinook Salmon

Also known as the 'King' Salmon, the Chinook is the largest breed of salmon in the Pacific and the most desireable amongst avid fisherman. It's average weight is 10 to 50 pounds, with the possibility of reaching 130 pounds. Some of the Chinook's most identifiable features are it's silvery sides with highlights of blue-green, red or purple, black spots on it's tail and a black gum-line that's present in both fresh and salt water fish.

Chum Salmon

The Chum Salmon's body color changes from silvery blue-green to an olive green with dark colored belly as it moves from salt water to fresh water. Having the largest range of all Pacific salmon, the Chum travel more than 2,000 miles up the Yukon River to spawn. Their average weight is 9 to 22 pounds.

Coho Salmon

The Coho Salmon, or 'Silver' Salmon, are true to their name....having silvery sides with darker fins and tail in salt water. Averaging 7 to 10 pounds each, mature Coho show a pronounced hook in the nose. Their teeth and jaw also become hooked during the spawning phase.

Pink Salmon

The Pink Salmon is bright silver while in salt water, only gaining it's distinctive pink sides and 'hump' in it's back during spawning. Their average weight is around 5 pounds. The Pink salmon prefers colder waters, with it's native range being from the Sacremento River in northern California, north to the Mackenzie River in Canada.

Sockeye Salmon

Weighing up to 15 pounds, the Sockeye salmon are known best for their bright red color with golden heads and tails. The Sockeye feed primarily on zooplankton during fresh water and saltwater stages, which differs from other breeds of salmon. The U.S. Sockeye population is currently listed under the Endangered Species Act, heavily limiting the number of Sockeye available for fishing.